Man In Panties, or Cross Dresser?

Many men just like to wear panties, or lingerie in general, and other men like to go much further and cross dress entirely. Here's where you guys can contribute your thoughts and feelings on what is a very controversial issue. I received this comment from a woman on one of the Men in Lingerie articles that went thus:

"my husband started out wearing ladies underpants during sex and I accepted it...Then he started wearing them under his clothes....Next it progress to bras, nylons and falsies and bright red lipstick.........I put up with this for 5 years wanting him to be happy, we are now going thru a divorce......At first it didn't bother me but I think my husband really wants to be a woman....."

This obviously falls outside the realm of most people's experience, but it does raise a common issue and fear for women who are involved with, or are considering becoming involved with a man who wears lingerie. How can a woman be sure that the man doesn't simply want to be a woman, or won't want to start dressing in full feminine dress all the time?

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I came across this blog, and was impressed by the humor and honesty that this man brings to blogging about wearing panties. He tells a very funny story about being caught by his football teammates with a pair of panties, and in another post discusses the reactions of various women to the revelation that he wears lingerie.

This blog is very well worth checking out if you're a man who wears lingerie, or if you're someone interested in learning about men who wear lingerie.

He's In Panties

Help A Guy Out, Share Your Naughty Lingerie Wearing Secrets...

Wearing lingerie to work is a huge fantasy and reality for many men who like to wear lingerie. However we all know that there are certain problems when it comes to wearing lingerie out in public, such as unwanted visibility. There's an article on various tips and tricks you can use here: Wearing Lingerie At Work

But I also wanted to ask my readers if they had any additional tips. One of the commenters on that article wanted to know the best way to hide a bra under clothing. I've given him several tips, such as making sure his bra fits properly, wearing a looser shirt, wearing a thicker shirt, and wearing shirts in darker colors, but it's always good for us all to learn new tricks, so if you have any you'd like to share, please feel free to drop me a line, or add a comment here or on the article.

Sexy Man In Panties Video

This fellow is making his contribution to the men wearing panties community on You Tube. Showing off these sexy panties and cute thongs, he's certainly showing the world that men in panties really are sexy!

She Caught Me In Panties

This is a letter from one of the regular readers of the blog who wanted to share his story with the readership. A big thanks goes out to him for sharing what was quite a personal moment in his life.

Well men, my biggest fear and greatest fantasy were realized over the weekend - she caught me. She caught me in panties. I suppose the only saving grace was that at least they weren't her panties.

You see, we'd just got to that stage in our relationship where you have to make that next step, but you don't want to rush things and move in. This girl is hot, and I don't want to lose her, so I gave her a key to my place. That was my first mistake.

My second was forgetting that she had the key. I had been working on Saturday morning, and I was unwinding in the afternoon with a few beers and, yeah, my favorite panties. I haven't got to the point where I wear them out much, but they're my naughty secret when I come home and relax.

So there I am, on the couch, drinking a beer and watching the game when all of a sudden there is an unearthly screeching sound. (I love you ladies, but that squealing screeching sound you make is enough to wake the dead.)

I shot up off the couch, thinking that someone had died or something, and she was standing there, keys in her hand, staring at my silky blue clad butt.

I was caught, and I knew it, so I figured I'd try to play it off casually. I said hi, walked over and gave her a kiss, and asked if she wanted a beer. I think she agreed out of shocked politeness. She's so sweet that way. It actually took her a few minutes and about half a bottle of beer to ask what I was doing.

I hate to say it, but I used a chick line, something along the lines of 'what? these old things?' Yeah, I know, lame, but it seemed to satisfy her. We watched the game, well, I watched the game, and she watched my crotch, at first with a stunned look, and then with a different agenda in mind. I think the turning point was when she reached out to touch them and commented on how lovely and smooth they felt...

Sultry Stockings To Die For

Well, not literally die for of course, that would rather defeat the purpose of being interested in material goods in the first place. Today's stockings are from Jonathan Aston's range which spans from the ludicrously expensive and ornate, to the quite reasonably well priced and very well designed. Hold on to your suspenders as we explore just a few of the designs of this British company...

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Why Men In Lingerie Are Sexy

Lots of men like to wear panties, stockings, bras, you name it. If it is feminine, lacy, smooth, and sexy, there are men wearing it. I happen to be a proponent of this activity, and happen to think that it is rather sexy, not just for the look, but for a whole range of qualities that come with a fellow who quite enjoys experimenting with lingerie. Want to know why men who wear lingerie are sexy?

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Men In Lingerie - Panties You Can Eat, The Wonderful World of Edible Underwear

As lingerie fans, it is easy to overlook the category of edible underwear simply because it tends to lack the finesse and style that are achieved with more traditional fabrics. However, it is hard to deny that items of lingerie made from candy (and other food) products do possess a certain charm.

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Men In Lingerie: The World's Most Expensive Lingerie, Part One

Being a man in panties, or a person interested in men who like to wear panties, it stands to reason that you also might be interested in the finer aspects of the world of lingerie. Fine lingerie almost always comes with a very hefty price tag however. You think paying thirty or forty dollars for some panties is expensive? Check out these items of lingerie with a price tag to make you gag!

Men In Panties At Work Video

These guys sure aren't shy of showing their thongs to the world! If only the good folks at hadn't pussied out at the last minute and felt the need for a lame disclaimer towards the end, it would have been absolutely perfect.

(Give the video a few moments to load... it can be a little slow for some.)

Men in Panties

Beating The Sales - How He Got His Lingerie, And How You Can Get Yours

By Mr Stocking X

I got new lingerie this Christmas, well, actually this New Year. Perhaps I'm a little on the cheap side, but it's a great time for sales, as my wife keeps on telling me. She dragged me along to half a dozen of the things of course, like she does every year. I'm the chief bag holder, parcel carrier, and chair waiter. I don't know why women feel the urge to rush into every store they see and browse through each and every item on display with the enthusiasm of an archaeologist uncovering some dead Egyptian's tomb, but it's pretty evident that there is some charm there for them that I'm missing.

This year, I made the trip a little more interesting for myself by nipping off whilst she was in the changing room, and exploring the lingerie section. I'd been tempted to do this for ages, after all, it's like some cruel torture being forced to sit and wait and comment on twenty dresses that look much the same whilst just a few yards away lie fields of lacy bras, shiny panties, and dreamy stockings. It's just not fair on a man.

So this year, after several hours of shopping, inane questions, and the purchasing of several items I am quite sure will only end up gracing the upper reaches of the closet for a year or two before she digs them out and donates them to charity, I snuck over into heaven and had a lovely time looking at all the lingerie.

It's a perfect ruse you see, you're carrying the wife's handbag, half a dozen parcels, and you have the haggard look of a husband that has already seen more shopping than he wants to see in a lifetime. Nobody batted an eye, in fact, the salesgirl thought I was being romantic as I picked out the hottest red and black lace bra and panty set, and hastily paid for it before my wife's cries for me to assess her latest outfit became too shrill.

Over the course of the rest of the day I also picked up several pairs of stockings, an incredible red lace garter belt and thong, and some crotchless panties!

For the first time in years I left the annual shop-a-thon with a smile on my face, and a few things for me tucked away amongst the mountains of rubbish we are compelled to cart home each year.

Catching Him In Lingerie

By Mrs Jones

Not too long ago, I found my husband of five years wearing lingerie. Not just any lingerie either, my lingerie. I must admit, I probably should have realized earlier, after all, it wasn't me stretching out my panties. I just thought I had lost a little weight, and that perhaps my pretty lingerie didn't fit me anymore. It was always the pretty lingerie too. My red lace panties, my expensive baby blue silk thong with the pearl embroidery, even my Agent Provocateur camisole and panty set, they all seemed a great deal looser than they had done when I tried them on in the shop. Being a lady however, I was more than willing to accept the idea that I had simply lost weight.

He agreed too, in fact he would often compliment me on how slim I was getting. He was a very sneaky man, but in the end, he got caught out. I came upon him, hiding in the closet, dressed up to the nines in a pair of my best silk stockings, those red lace panties I was telling you about, and a little camisole I hadn't seen before. It seems that he'd been purchasing his own lingerie.

He stammered, and stuttered and blushed like a little boy when I caught him, I have to admit it was rather charming in a way, to see him looking so sweet and so guilty at the same time.

I questioned him, rather enjoying it, asking him how long he'd been wearing my lingerie and how long he'd been buying his own. He answered me, standing there in the closet, his hands clasped over the panties as if to hide them. Eventually I smiled, letting him know that he wasn't in trouble with me. There are worse things to find out about your husband, that's for sure.

I also found that I rather liked the demeanor he had in that lingerie. He was softer, more willing to listen, more willing and wanting to please too. I've had him do a great many things about the house since catching him in lingerie, including doing the vacuuming and cleaning. He sets about the tasks with much more vigor when he is dressed in lingerie.

I rather think I'll keep my man in panties...