Panties or Manties?

Tired of all that feminine lingerie? How about trying some "Manties" on for size. Manties are cleverly (or at least quippily named) underwear for men that make use of traditional female lingerie fabrics and incorporate them into more manly designs.

I haven't tried any of these myself with any partners, so I can't give you any endorsement beyond 'hey, this looks interesting'. They do seem to have designed them with the length of the male torso and crotch in mind however, so if you're looking for a pair of panties that doesn't ride uncomfortably low, then these might be the panties you're looking for.

For some reason, though they are designed to look more manly, I'll be honest and say if anything, they come across as being even more feminine than traditional female panties, because they have a ye olde bloomer style charm to them, at least in the pictures, and also because they are incredibly pretty and frilly.

Feel free to drop me a line if you wear these sorts of panties and tell me what you think of them.


Anonymous said...

They are comfortable, that's for sure ands definately fit in all the 'right places'.

Anonymous said...

You might find this discussion blog interesting:

Chris said...

I most say I like them a lot.
May I enquire if you'd add a link to my Manties spot ( ). i have added a link to yours.