Panties As Punishment ?

Now I know full well that for many men, wearing lingerie is mostly about the sensation of all that smooth silk and satin. However the fact remains that many men who wear panties are just plain naughty. If you happen to be a sensation only sort of fellow, feel free to skip this post, this one is for the men for whom panties symbolize their extreme naughtiness, and even act as a punishment for it.

Some men need to be made to wear panties because they are such naughty boys. After all, what better 'punishment' for a man who just doesn't know his place than to be put in the corner in a pair of lacy panties, exposed for all the world to see.

It has become a long established tradition amongst some wives to put their husbands into panties for even the mildest of infractions. Not taking the trash out, for instance, might land a chap in a mesh thong for the rest of the evening, the thin strap riding up whilst he does his share of the household duties, reminding him how very remiss he was.

Quite rightly so too, one might say. He might even be sent to bed in his panties, his lower regions encased in black satin, holding him firmly in their smooth grip. Of course, when this happens, many women report that the punishment has not seemed to have taken hold. Some even step things up at this point, adding stockings, bras, camisoles, until their errant husbands are covered from top to toe in skimpy lingerie. Even then a very high rate of re offending, and in some cases, spontaneous fornication is reported by many women.

So then, we have a quandry. There are so many mischievous men falling into the lingerie briar patch these days. Whatever shall we do with you?

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