The Day I Was Caught Wearing Panties – Part One

By Mr. PantyLove

This is the first part of a real life story from one man who likes to wear panties, and other women's lingerie.

The day my girlfriend caught me wearing panties was the day my life changed. I'd come home early from the office, pleading sickness before lunch. I wasn't feeling sick at all, not unless you count being homesick for my panty collection.

Bounding through the door, I loosened my tie, unbuckled my belt, and began kicking off my pants as I reached towards THAT drawer. Oh, it didn't look special from the outside, and even when you opened it up you'd only see some neatly folded wifebeaters. But they held a secret. I tossed them aside and unearthed my panty collection.

Back then I was starting out small, I didn't have nearly the collection of lingerie and intimates that I have today. I did have some very nice, and even some fairly expensive panties though. I treated myself to them on occasion, as a reward for slaving away at the coalface for yet another pay period.

That day I picked out a saucy red pair of silk panties. Slipping them on over my legs, I almost sighed with relief. The material was cool, smooth, heaven. I'd taken to shaving my legs already. The process itself was oddly enjoyable. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into full cross dressing or anything like that, its just that sliding panties over smooth legs has such a different sensation to hairy ones.

I slid them all the way up and settled them snugly about my waist. They held me and caressed me like a lover, tight, but not too tight...

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