The Panty Pyramid

Not all panties are created equal, and panties, like many other elements of the world, have a natural life cycle. As wearers of panties, it is our responsibility to organize our panties in the most advantageous fashion possible.

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Looking Hot In Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie is all about being pretty, and sexy, and sensual, and though you might not yet believe it, the good news is that you don't need to be a size 0 model to be pretty in lingerie. It doesn't even matter if you're 300 lbs, you can still look great in tasteful lingerie. The secret is in choosing the sorts of lingerie that will flatter your figure...

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What Ho Chaps!

What ho! It has been a few days since I updated I know, and I do apologize. I shall be getting on to some (hopefully worthwhile) updates in the not too distant future one hopes, but in the meantime... for your entertainment... girls losing their panties...

Sexy Slips For Men

Now here's an item of lingerie we don't talk about every day! The sexy, sleek, slinky slip, the luscious item of lingerie that will have you tingling as you slide it over your head and down your body, feeling it caress you with its cool touch as it settles into place...

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Sexy Seamed Stockings For Men

Before we got all newfangled with technology, stockings used to have seams running up the backs of them where the manufacturer joined them together in order that they might not simply fall off the leg. Though it was at first merely a practical consideration, it soon grew to be associated with all things sexy and feminine, and seamed stockings retain their allure today even now that manufacturing techniques have moved on and we can now put a man in stockings on the moon.

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Where Are The Pictures Of The Men In Lingerie?

I've been getting some good emails lately, and one I received recently made a few points about this site and the articles on it, one of them being if I'm writing about men who wear lingerie, then why aren't there pictures of men in lingerie here? I thought that was a pretty good question, so I am going to answer it.

There are a few reasons for not having pictures of men in lingerie on the site...

1. There are very few freely available pictures of men in lingerie available on the 'net, and I do not wish to violate the privacy of partners past, present, or future by using personal pictures on this site.

2. Pictures of men in lingerie tend to attract the gay/sissy/transexual/transgender crowd, and whilst I have absolutely nothing against them and think they're plenty awesome, I have designed this place with straight men in mind. There are practically no sites just for straight men who like to wear lingerie, and I think a lot of the problems straight men who wear lingerie have come from being mixed in with the gay/sissy/transexual/transgender groups.

Straight men also tend to enjoy the pictures of women wearing lingerie on multiple levels ;)

3. If you want to see pictures of men in lingerie, there are a gazillion yahoo groups/blogs/sites where you can see user submitted pictures of men wearing panties, bras, stockings, and anything else you care to imagine. Filling the pages of those pictures here would be redundant, and also stands a decent chance of turning off the straight men this site caters to.

So that, in a nutshell, is why you won't find any pantied nut pictures here.

Worst Case Scenario: Outed As A Lingerie Wearer

Perhaps the biggest fear of men who like to wear lingerie isn't the idea that a wife or girlfriend will catch them, it's the idea that they might catch them and tell someone, for instance, everyone they know. Or that perhaps one day they might get careless, and instead of hiding their panty stash behind several inches of lead in a secret vault, they might leave a pair draped carelessly on the door handle, or perhaps forgotten in the corner of the room. There are a million ways for it to happen, but the end result is the same: your lingerie secret is out!

Oh noes!

Lace Bras For Men

Some might disagree with me, but I find there's nothing quite like a lacy bra stretched across a manly chest. Delicate, yet masculine, soft, yet hard, a man and his bra are a delightful contrast. But what bra to wear? There are so many out there, and a great deal of them are, rather unsurprisingly, engineered primarily for the comfort of a woman rather than a man. However if one knows where to look, and what to look for, one can find some hot bras that look just as good on guys as they do girls.

Here are a few bras that I think would look particularly good worn by a man.

Talk To Me!

A few of you may have noticed some changes on the blog, the most prominent one being the removal of all advertising on this site.

Whilst it was nice to have a small income to cover the upkeep of the blog, I decided to take it off because it was in many ways limiting the topics which could be explored here.

Though I'm not interested in turning this into a dirty sex blog (there are plenty of those out there already), there are still some interesting adult topics which can be covered here.

Overall you're a pretty quiet bunch comment wise, which is fine, but if any of you have suggestions for topics you'd like to see written about, have feedback, or wish to contact me for any other reason, feel free to drop me a line at

Mesh Panties For Men

I like mesh. Yeah, it can look kind of trashy, and it doesn't have the classic overtones of lace, but damnit, I like mesh anyway. I like it for its see through naughtiness, for the way that it can turn an otherwise boring pair of panties into a sexy sensation. I love the way it can be used as a tease, revealing only so much skin, and leaving the rest to the imagination of the beholder, or it can be crass, revealing everything you've got to anyone who cares to look.

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Six Signs He's Wearing Lingerie

Ever wondered if a guy was wearing lingerie? Ever wondered if other people knew if you were wearing lingerie? Here are a few tell tale hints which often reveal that a man is wearing lingerie, useful for people watchers, and men who like to wear their lingerie out and about, but don't want to be conspicuous about it.

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A Book About Men Who Wear Lingerie?

Mkay, so here's a question for my readers. My stealthy stats tell me that there's a fairly decent number of you who return here fairly often, so to you faithful regulars I say hello, and thank you, and have a question to ask. (Newbies are, of course, always welcome, but the question may be a little harder to answer if you haven't read a few of these articles.)

I quite often get emails commenting on how useful my articles are, primarily for men who are trying to introduce their female partners to the idea that men like to wear lingerie. So the question is this... would any of you be interested in seeing a book written about men who wear lingerie - straight heterosexual men, that is (once again, not to alienate any gay men who like to wear lingerie, its just you chaps seem to have fewer issues with the topic, and if you do, you're probably not coming to a woman for advice anyway), both for general interest, and for introducing women who are not familiar with the idea into the realm of men in panties and bras and whatnot without freaking them out.

I'm going to put up a poll on the side bar and leave it for a month or so, and see what you guys think. I love writing about men who wear lingerie, and if I do put this book together, it would be great to have some contributions from you chaps as well. I think there is much progress that can be made towards gaining greater understanding of men who like to wear women's lingerie, not to mention acceptance, or at the very least, getting the hell over it. They're just panties for chrissakes.

This is entirely in your hands guys... let me know what you want!

- Hope Alexander

Naughty Lingerie For Men

If there's one thing we can all agree on, its that men in lingerie are undeniably naughty. Sometimes it can be hard to find lingerie that adequately expresses the extreme naughtiness that the men who wear it feel, because the majority of lingerie is designed for the practical applications of keeping a woman pert and pretty throughout the day. To give those of you who want to express your wild side through the medium of slinky satin and lovely lace, here are some types of lingerie perfectly suited for a naughty man in lingerie.

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Sexy Sheer Pantyhose For Men

For many men, the epitome of feminine leg wear is a simple pair of sensually sheer pantyhose. This may surprise women, who quite often only wear pantyhose because of uniform requirements, or if it is a particularly cold day and all their other stockings have runs in them. For many men who like to wear lingerie however, sheer pantyhose are a potent symbol of femininity, possibly because men have long observed this type of pantyhose being worn by all kinds of women women ranging from police women to teachers, to runway models.

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Lingeropedia: Illustrated Guide To Bras (Brassieres)

Do you like bras? Love bras? Want to learn more about bras or find out what certain bra related terms mean? Or perhaps you just want to leer at assorted brassieres. Whatever your bra needs are, you're sure to find something to satisfy them, or perhaps titilate your interest further in the brassiere entry of the lingereopedia, a labor of love written for fellow lovers of lingerie...

Lingeropedia: Bras