Labor Weekend Lingerie Madness!

What ho! How about a whole bunch of lingerie related articles to get you through Labor weekend, which will start out awesome then quickly deteriorate into aimless bickering and petty hate and/or drunkeness.

Ever wondered what lingerie I wear? Well here's an insight into my own lingerie wardrobe...
Hope's Lingerie Picks (Sports Edition)

Want to do a test that tells you about lingerie? I bet you do...
Lingerie Test!

How about some writing on very sexy items of lingerie you might not have added to your collection yet?
Lingerie Teddies For Men

OMG Stalk Me!

I joined Twitter recently, a fun new way to share the minutinae of daily life with people who probably don't really give a damn. There's a wee feed on the side of the blog here, but if you'd like to get updates sent to you more directly (so you'll know EXACTLY when I decide I prefer cheddar to parmesan) you can follow me on Twitter, which is precisely as odd as it sounds.

EDIT: Actually you can't follow me on Twitter any more, because some charming fool decided to do just as the title says. Let's keep it sane, chaps.

Hope Interviews A Man In Lingerie!

Okay guys, here's an interview with a great guy, Eugene T.S. Wong, a hosiery advocate for men. Eugene shares his perspective on hosiery, and sheds a lot of light on the subject, not to mention provides some really useful and practical advice for integrating hosiery into your everyday wear.

If you've ever wondered about how other men approach their love of lingerie, then you won't want to miss this.

Read the interview!

Feeling Feminine In Lingerie

Here's what will surely be a hot button issue - men wearing lingerie in order to feel feminine. Many of the articles written on the subject of men in lingerie have focused on the reasons for men wearing lingerie being things like the sensation of smooth fabrics against the skin, or simple enjoyment of the look. For some men, this is undoubtedly the reason why they wear lingerie, but for others, it's not. Many men who wear lingerie do so because they like to feel feminine...

More feminine talk follows...

Sexy Lingerie Outfits For Men

Lingerie is so versatile, and wearing lingerie can be as simple as slipping a pair of panties on under your work slacks, or as involved as dressing from top to toe in a bra, bustier, camisole or corset, sexy panties, suspenders and stockings, or even a body stocking, to name a few of the slinky lingerie delights that one can enjoy. Putting all these items together can be a bit of a challenge however, do it right, and you look and feel stunning, do it wrong and you look and feel like a neglected manikin in a shop window after a sustained looting spree.

Get your sexy lingerie inspirations here!

How To Avoid Visible Panty Lines

One of my readers pointed out that his biggest concern as a man who wears lingerie out and about during the day is the fear of visible panty lines. Visible panty lines are barely acceptable when seen on women, let alone when seen on men, so if you want to wear panties discreetly, its something you'll have to think about.

Learn how to conceal panty lines like a stealth ninja!

The Panty Revolution: Why Men In Lingerie Matter

This one's a little on the 'deep' side, but it answers questions about why I keep writing about men who wear lingerie, and why I think it is an important topic aside from the fun one can have with frilly panties and lacy lingerie and things of that nature...

Men in lingerie, you matter...

Emergency Bras

Your mother always told you to wear fresh panties so that if you were hit by a bus you wouldn't be embarrassed by the soiling as you screamed in agony and paramedics worked to staunch the internal hemorrhaging. In the spirit of that eminently practical advice, I've decided to put together a few suggestions for bras which could be useful in an emergency.

Emergency Bras!

How To Find Women Who Like Men In Lingerie

'Hope, how can I find a woman who likes men who wear lingerie?' I get this question rather a lot, and whilst I can't point any of you to the 'women who like men who wear lingerie store, I can give you a few pointers to help you along the road to finding such a lady...

Find a woman who likes her man in panties...

Distracting you all with big boobs...

Some of you may have noticed that the regular posting schedule has gone to hell in a hand basket recently. Fear not, I haven't forgotten you all, its just that my life exploded into a gigantic nebula of weirdness around the 1st of August. Normal posting is anticipated to begin in a few days, until then, why not browse the other quality writings I've concocted in the past?

A whole lotta breasty hotness awaits you here....