Bodystockings For Men

In the world of lingerie there's nothing with a dirtier or naughtier reputation than the body stocking. It seems strange that an item of lingerie that covers so much should seem so risque, but there you have it. Body stockings are perfect for men whose love of lingerie stems from enjoying the feel of it against their skin.

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Floral Thigh High Stockings For Men

Stockings are nice, but pretty thigh high stockings with floral designs on them are a special kind of nice. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, when it comes to women's lingerie, sometimes nobody wears a pair of stockings better than a man. Long, lean legs make for the perfect showcase for sweet stockings such as these floral delights that I'll be exploring in this article.

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Balconette Bras For Men

A balconette bra is a bra that covers just a little more than a demi cup. A little more conservative than it's naughty cousin, the balconette bra is still extremely sensual. The balconette bras featured today have been selected because of their attention to design detail, and their uniqueness. With literally thousands of bras on the market, it takes something special to stand out amongst the crowd. These three bras, from three different designers have managed to do just that, each one conveying a different message and mood, but all based on the same premise.

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Pretty Frilly Panties For Men

Most panties available on the market today are sexy panties, or plain panties, panties for seduction, filled with lace and mesh, or comfortable panties made of microfiber or cotton. It almost seems as if panty manufacturers have forgotten the joy of frills.

This one is a must see for men who like classically pretty frilly panties!

Frilly Panties For Men

Men In Panties On The Catwalk

Now this is what men in panties are all about. This video has some gorgeous panties, corsets, bras, stockings, g strings, and loads more lingerie worn by some men who demonstrate that men in lingerie are sexy!

Lace Bras For Men

There's nothing more sensual or sexy than a lace bra. The lace bra has become one of the biggest lingerie fashion icons of our time, and it is little wonder that some men like to wear lace bras as much as women do. Whether out of comfort or for pure pleasure, lace bras are some of the most popular choices for men who like to wear lingerie.

I've picked out a few examples of lace bras and discussed their advantages and features below. If you're a fellow looking for some inspiration for his bra collection, you may just find it here.

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Cute Pink Panties For Men

Sometimes a man who wears panties just feels like wearing a cute pair of knickers, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, black lace and red satin are sexy lingerie solutions, one might even say sexy lingerie cliches, but what about panties for those days when you're just in a cute sort of mood? Well there's nothing better than pink panties for a man who wants to have fun. Pink is playful and light, pink is a calming color that suggests joy and carefree self expression.

Find some super cute pink panties and pink panty facts HERE!

Bras For Men - Tips For Choosing Bras

Looking for some hints and tips to help you choose the bra that's right for you? This article is aimed at men who are just starting out wearing lingerie and would like a little guidance in the types of lingerie that will work for them, and make them look good too...

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Hot Fishnet Summer Stockings For Men

Just because the temperatures are rising, it doesn't mean that you have to abandon wearing sexy stockings. Men can wear stockings all year around if they put just a little thought into the types of stockings they are wearing. This is not a time for digging out your thick opaque stockings that seal you up like a tightly wrapped meat product, this is the time for going lightweight and sexy with fishnet stockings.

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A Panty Joke For April Fools

A rather confident young woman walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive man. She gives him a quick glance, then casually looks at her watch for a moment.

The man notices this and asks, "Is your date running late?"

"No," she replies, "I just bought this special watch and I was testing it."

Intrigued, the man says, "A special watch? What's so special about it?"

"It uses alpha waves to talk to me," she explains.

"What's it telling you now?", he asks.

"Well, it says that you're not wearing any panties...".

The man laughs & replies, "Well it must be broken then, because I am wearing panties!"

The woman exclaims, "Damn-- this thing must be an hour fast!"