Panties As Punishment ?

Now I know full well that for many men, wearing lingerie is mostly about the sensation of all that smooth silk and satin. However the fact remains that many men who wear panties are just plain naughty. If you happen to be a sensation only sort of fellow, feel free to skip this post, this one is for the men for whom panties symbolize their extreme naughtiness, and even act as a punishment for it.

Some men need to be made to wear panties because they are such naughty boys. After all, what better 'punishment' for a man who just doesn't know his place than to be put in the corner in a pair of lacy panties, exposed for all the world to see.

It has become a long established tradition amongst some wives to put their husbands into panties for even the mildest of infractions. Not taking the trash out, for instance, might land a chap in a mesh thong for the rest of the evening, the thin strap riding up whilst he does his share of the household duties, reminding him how very remiss he was.

Quite rightly so too, one might say. He might even be sent to bed in his panties, his lower regions encased in black satin, holding him firmly in their smooth grip. Of course, when this happens, many women report that the punishment has not seemed to have taken hold. Some even step things up at this point, adding stockings, bras, camisoles, until their errant husbands are covered from top to toe in skimpy lingerie. Even then a very high rate of re offending, and in some cases, spontaneous fornication is reported by many women.

So then, we have a quandry. There are so many mischievous men falling into the lingerie briar patch these days. Whatever shall we do with you?

Men In Lingerie: How To Choose Your First Lingerie - A Beginner's Guide To Lingerie

If you're relatively new to wearing lingerie, then it can be a fairly confusing realm. There are so many different kinds of lingerie, and then within those kinds of lingerie there are a myriad of styles to chose from. When you get all this information thrown at you at once, the effect can be a little like being lost in a forest of lacy satiny garmentry, not an unpleasant prospect for sure, but one that can be very confusing when you just want to take one or two trees home.


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Merry Christmas Men In Lingerie!

A very Merry Christmas to all men in panties, stockings, bras, camisoles, the list goes on.... May there be silky treats in your stockings, and may you share your desires and joys with your special loved ones this Christmas.

These lovely ladies are getting into the Christmas spirit, let's see you give them a run for their money, boys!

13 Days Left To Vote On The Poll!

I'm so happy that so many of you have taken the time to vote on the "I wear panties because..." poll. It's been truly interesting to discover a little more about what makes men who wear panties tick. For mainstream society, those non panty wearers, it is probably imagined that only the most perverted men (or gays) would wear panties.

Now perhaps my poll was a little skewed because there wasn't a "I wear panties because I'm a raving pervert who also likes to engage in penis puppetry on public transportation whilst sacrificing a fluffy animal and undressing nuns with my eyes, and occasionally my hands" option, but there was a "none of the above, you fool" option, which so far, only 6 of you have chosen.

Thus far it seems that in many cases, guys just like the feel of panties, though the naughty and girly camps are also fairly well represented. As a special reward at the end of the poll, I'm going to make a chart of the results, because charts rock.

Men In Lingerie: Your Christmas Wish List

It's that time of year boys, time to find gifts, wrap them carefully, and store them away to go under the tree... As great as giving is, it is also good to receive sometimes however, so let's talk about what is on your lingerie wish list this year?

Are you thinking about extending your existing panty collection? Perhaps branching out into a new kind of lingerie? Maybe you're considering trying stockings, or perhaps you'd like to wear a bra. Christmas is a great time to give yourself a little gift, whether or not you've been naughty or nice this year. (After all, let's face it, sometimes naughty boys just have more fun!

Men In Lingerie: The Allure Of Sexy Stockings (Or Why Do Men Like To Wear Stockings?)

There are men who like to wear all sorts of lingerie - panties, bras, camisoles, the list goes on. But for many it is the stocking that holds the dearest place in their heart. There is something about sliding that smooth silk or nylon over their legs and being encased in delicate fabric that really speaks to their psyche.

But why?

Casting Call For Men In Lingerie Video

Men in lingerie, wearing it, rocking it, and having fun! There is some really beautiful lingerie in this video, so perhaps you'll get a few ideas for your own collection.

Men In Lingerie Videos

A few videos of men wearing lingerie. A couple of them have been featured on the site before, but for those of you who haven't been trawling through the archives, here they are in one place. These are all pretty lighthearted representations of men wearing lingerie, and they're definitely fun to watch.

See the videos...

Sexy Lingerie Gifts - Naughty Crotchless Panties

What better gift to give than the gift of lingerie? And what better lingerie to give than sexy crotchless panties? Crotchless panties are perhaps the naughtiest of all the panties, and this post links to some sizzing designs from Frederick's Of Hollywood. If you've been looking for something naughty and different... look no further!

Come and see what lacy treats lie in store...

Men In Panties: Why I Like My Men In Lingerie

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years, but it wasn't always that way. This is the story of how I came upon this phenomenon of men who like to wear lingerie, and how I came to love a man who wore panties.

My Story