Asian Men VERY Excited About Panties

I'll admit, I have no idea what they are shrieking, but it is pretty clear that these guys are almost overwhelmed by panties!

Men In Lingerie: Want To Wear Panties, But Scared To Tell?

For many men who wear lingerie, the most difficult part of the journey is not making the decision to wear the lingerie, it is letting their partner know about their desires and habits when it comes to lingerie. It's hard enough finding a nice lady to be with in this day and age, without also having to worry about finding one that will be okay with, or preferably enjoy you wearing lingerie.

Read this guide to sharing your lingerie secrets with a loved one...

The Day I Was Caught Wearing Panties - Part Three

By Mr Panty Love

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So there I was, sitting on the edge of the bed in my white business shirt, spiffy blue tie, red panties and black lace topped hold up stockings. It was a little hard not to giggle, but not out of amusement, more out of glee. I may have giggled, I can't remember because the next thing I remember was a horrified kind of shriek and a cry of “You slut!”

My girlfriend! Not only was she home early herself, but evidently she had caught sight of my stockinged legs and mistaken me for another women bedding her man! I didn't have time to move, to hide, nothing. She came around the corner like a daemon possessed, then stopped dead when she saw me, her mouth hanging open. Whether it was shock, or surprise, or relief at finding out that I wasn't cheating on her, I don't know.

“Wh...what are you doing?” She asked the question, even though it was pretty obvious.

“Hi darling.” I said, trying to play it cool. My heart was pounding a million miles a minute, but panicking wouldn't get me anywhere, it was too late to pretend as if something else was going on, she had caught me fair and square.

She looked at me for a long moment, and a strange light came into her eye. At the time I wasn't familiar with it, though I am now. A slow smile spread over her face. “So this is what you've been up to.” She said, shaking her head with that smile on her lips.

Panty Sniffer Gets Caught Out

Okay chaps, time to have a giggle at panty related misfortunes...

Men In Lingerie: Preverted? Or possibly even Perverted?

When the issue of men wearing lingerie is discussed, there are two often heard counterpoints, or slurs that are thrown in the direction of such men. One of these is that the man in questions must be gay. This issue has been addressed more fully in another article, but suffice to say, most men who wear women's lingerie are straight men. Most cross dressers in fact, tend to be straight. When the gay objection is dismissed as being untrue, doubters and haters tend to fall back on the 'perverted' argument.

So is it "preverted"?

Men Dancing In Bra And Panties

This is probably crossing the line from just wearing panties to full blown cross dressing, but damn, if this isn't one of the most fun videos I've seen in a long time! Be prepared to get this song completely stuck in your head... and watching the transitions is pretty cool too...

Men In Lingerie - 5 Reasons For Men To Wear Lingerie

Taking a break from all that serious lingerie discussion that's been going on recently, I decided to take a fun look at some reasons men should wear lingerie. If the idea is completely new or foreign or weird to you, or if you know a man who likes to wear lingerie and would like to understand it a little more, this might be an interesting piece to read.


Men In Lingerie – How To Wear Lingerie At Work

It is a common naughty fantasy desire for a man who wears lingerie to want to wear lingerie to work. There are several reasons for this. For starters, you get to feel that lovely lingerie caressing your body throughout an otherwise mundane and boring workday. Secondly, there is the secret thrill of wearing lingerie, nobody knows you have it on, and you can be making a big presentation or talking to the boss in a camisole, bra, panties and stockings without anyone being the wiser. This can be quite a rush for many men.

However if you are going to wear Lingerie to work, you need to do it smart if you don't want to get caught. Read through these useful tips and cautionary notes before making your big expedition!


Man In A Pink Thong

So the quality isn't all that good, and there's some wind on that beach, but this young chap certainly knows how to work that pink playboy bunny thong!

The Day I Was Caught Wearing Panties - Part Two

By Mr Panty Love

Find Part One Here

I could have sighed with sheer relief, in fact, I am pretty sure that I did. Slipping into those panties was like running under a sprinkler on a hot day, or diving under a waterfall, or, well, you get the idea. There is just something about panties that feels so damn good. I really don't see why women get to have all the fun. It is pretty unfair when you think about it. Why shouldn't us chaps have a chance to be comfortable as well?

Well, it's a little more than comfort, of course. I guess most of the readers will know that already. Anyway, back to my story. I had just slipped into my favorite panties, and was so enjoying the feel of them that I decided to add a pair of stockings to the mix. I don't often wear stockings, and I wore them even less back then, so this was kind of a special treat.

I rolled them down to the toes, so as not to ladder them, sat down on the corner of the bed, and slowly unfurled them over my leg. There is something special about the way that stockings, especially silk stockings, feel going on. These were black ones, as I recall. They were those ones that come up to about mid thigh and hold themselves up. So there I was, sitting on the edge of the bed in my white business shirt, spiffy blue tie, red panties and black lace topped hold up stockings. It was a little hard not to giggle, but not out of amusement, more out of glee...

Man Caught In Panties

This is the reason why any man who wears lingerie should spend some time practicing the noble art of removing it before he takes his hobby out into the world...

Men In Lingerie – Men's Stockings ABC's

Stockings are undeniably sexy. Lying svelte against the skin, their caress is gentle and somehow comforting. They transform one's legs from mere modes of transportation and kicking things, into works of art. Many men enjoy wearing stockings, but some may have trouble taking care of their stockings properly. After all, unlike many women, men do not have the same formative experiences which teach them how to handle such delicate items. This is a basic guide on how to put your stockings on, deal with rips and tears, and wash them when you're done.


The Day I Was Caught Wearing Panties – Part One

By Mr. PantyLove

This is the first part of a real life story from one man who likes to wear panties, and other women's lingerie.

The day my girlfriend caught me wearing panties was the day my life changed. I'd come home early from the office, pleading sickness before lunch. I wasn't feeling sick at all, not unless you count being homesick for my panty collection.

Bounding through the door, I loosened my tie, unbuckled my belt, and began kicking off my pants as I reached towards THAT drawer. Oh, it didn't look special from the outside, and even when you opened it up you'd only see some neatly folded wifebeaters. But they held a secret. I tossed them aside and unearthed my panty collection.

Back then I was starting out small, I didn't have nearly the collection of lingerie and intimates that I have today. I did have some very nice, and even some fairly expensive panties though. I treated myself to them on occasion, as a reward for slaving away at the coalface for yet another pay period.

That day I picked out a saucy red pair of silk panties. Slipping them on over my legs, I almost sighed with relief. The material was cool, smooth, heaven. I'd taken to shaving my legs already. The process itself was oddly enjoyable. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into full cross dressing or anything like that, its just that sliding panties over smooth legs has such a different sensation to hairy ones.

I slid them all the way up and settled them snugly about my waist. They held me and caressed me like a lover, tight, but not too tight...

Men In Bras - A Basic Guide To Bras

Many men love to wear bras, but quickly become confused when confronted with the plethora of bras that are available on the market today. There are a wide range of terms and types of bra that can be a bit befuddling. That's why I've prepared this simple guide to walk you through the more common types of bra, and give you a few pointers on which might be best for you. This article does assume at least a basic knowledge of the brassiere, as may be obtained by sneaking into lingerie drawers, panty raids, and other nefarious and not so nefarious means.

Discover Bras!

The Experiment - Men and Women Swapping Panties

This was clearly a journey for these brave men and women who shamelessly went out into the world and not only purchased, but also wore the underwear of the opposite gender... This is their story.

Men In Stockings and Panties Paint

Art, mixed with panties and stockings. What better way for a chap to spend a few hours with his best mate...

He's Wearing The Panties

Men In Bras – Naughty Bras For Naughty Boys

There's nothing naughtier than a man in a bra. Men who wear bras are breakers of taboos, seekers of sensation, playful people who know what they want and aren't afraid to wear it. For those of you who like to wear lingerie that is sexy, provocative, and a little different from the norm, here are a series of bras inspired by the fine collection boasted by the folks at to get your juices flowing.

Find naughty bras for naughty men...

Men In Panties – Sexy (And Comfy) Panties For Men

Being a man doesn't mean that you can't wear sexy panties, and wearing sexy panties doesn't have to mean wearing something wildly uncomfortable either. Whilst its nice to occasionally let everything hang loose, sometimes the feel of full coverage against one's cheeks and delicates is just what the lingerie doctor ordered...

Check out the sexy panty tips for men who also like to make it through the day without chafing their privates off here...

Men In Lingerie - Manly Crotchless Panties

There's nothing naughtier or sexier than crotchless lingerie. Up until recently, crotchless panties have really been a woman's domain. However the times, they are a changing, and there is now a wide range of naughty crotchless underwear available for men too. Whether you wear it just for yourself, or as a surprise for that special someone, you're sure to enjoy the feeling of wearing underwear, and yet, not wearing any at all. Crotchless underwear is a delightful contradiction in terms, and in addition to looking sexy as all hell, it also makes for extremely easy access, wink wink, nudge nudge...

Find more crotchless delights here...

Men In Panties - Sexy Panty Inspirations For Men

Seeking a little inspiration for your panty drawer? Sick of the usual offerings that you find down at your department store? It's very easy to get bogged down into a routine, even when it comes to something as sexy and exciting as panties. Here are a few popular suggestions from that are a little out of the norm, so browse around, and let your imagination run wild!

Find yourself some inspiration...

Men In Lingerie - Bustiers For Blokes

If you're dipping into the world of lingerie, you might be a little confused by some of the terms bandied about. Panties and bras are easy to understand, and most men know what a corset is, but after that, things can start to get a little confusing. Never fear, you're about to get an education on a very sexy piece that you may not have heard of before. A bustier is used by women to lift the breasts and slim the waist, however unlike a corset, it is generally not tightly laced and does not descend much past the waist curve. The effect is both that of a push up bra and a camisole, and it is a very sexy look for any fellow who wants to look a little feminine, or just feel very naughty indeed.


Men In Lingerie - The Call Of Camisoles

Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily attire, giving them a little extra lift throughout the otherwise dreary work day. The feel of satin, chiffon, or silk caressing against your torso as you make a presentation, take the train to work, or simply walk down to the pub for lunch makes for a sexy secret that is sure to lift your spirits, and perhaps various anatomical regions as well....


Men In Lingerie - Super Sexy Stockings For Men

Love stockings? Well get your legs into some luxuriously feminine stockings. I'm not talking about your typical opaques, your flesh toned leg warmers, or even the sexy, but somewhat cliched black fishnet. I'm talking about getting yourself some very sexy, very naughty stockings. Stockings with a point of difference. Feast your eyes on these creations, and see if perhaps you discover something you might want to wrap around your legs one of these nights...

Find sexy stockings...

Men In Bras: Just For Fun

Sometimes, a man feels the desire to wear a bra. This can be brought on for a variety of reasons, including fetishism, medical reasons, bedroom games, and simply because he likes it. Bras can be objects of comfort, desire, humiliation and punishment depending on the context in which they are used. This article looks at a few of the fun reasons that a man might don a bra, in a celebration of equality, after all, if women can wear pants, why shouldn't men wear bras?

Read more HERE

Why Can't Men Wear Panties? PLUS Victoria's Secret Lingerie For The Boys To Share

Sometimes, a man just likes the feel of panties. Or bras, or corsets, or camisoles, or any one of the delightful array of lingerie that is open without reserve to womenfolk, but which, in spite of feminism being in full swing in this, the new millennium, is still largely closed to men not in a commercial sense, but in a social sense.

Discuss the issues, and check out some sexy lingerie HERE